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Exceed expectations and go beyond

We specialize in creating moments that will leave you #Astounded - combining audio, lighting, and effects to create memorable experiences, everything is created in-house by our talented and creative artists. We are confident you will be satisfied with the results and so will your audience. Contact us today to get started.


Let's make your next event experience exceed expectations


Let us bring your vision to life with our professional services

Show lighting

Our lighting services for special events are designed with one thing in mind - BIG IMPACT.



Our unique relationship with amazing musicians combined with our experience will make your event memorable. 


Sound design

The success of sound events requires a structured PA system.

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Special effects

Fully immersive experience - live special effects make events and meetings more immersive and memorable experiences.



A DJ can create a deeper engagement for your audience. Their energy and presence will establish the tempo of your event’s entertainment. 

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Monogram projection

Let us represent you by sending a message to your audience with our creative monograms.


We are constantly innovating and upgrading to provide our clients with the best services and products

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